9 Surprising Facts About Dovis Plumbers.

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When the sink breaks, a pipe bursts, or the shower won’t drain that’s when we call a plumber. But what’s it really like to be a plumber? Here are nine things you might not know about plumbers.

9 Surprising Facts About Dovis Plumbers.


From brushing your teeth to watering the lawn, we rely on modern plumbing solutions daily without a second thought—until something goes wrong. When your home's sink breaks, a pipe bursts, or the shower in Pembrook Pines, FL, won’t drain, we suddenly realize how essential plumbing is. That’s when we call a plumber. But what’s it really like to be a plumber? Here are nine things you might not know about plumbers, shared by our own Dovis Plumbing experts.

1. Every day is a new challenge.

No two days are the same for a plumber. One day might involve installing a new faucet in your home's kitchen in Pembrook Pines, FL, and the next could mean repairing a leak in a university swimming pool. Each job presents a unique challenge, requiring ingenuity and professional expertise.

2. They’d like to rename garbage disposals.

Your home's garbage disposals in Pembrook Pines, FL, are convenient, but many plumbers cringe at the mention of them. These appliances aren’t meant for the many substances people throw in them. Plumbers suggest using them sparingly and recommend cleaning with lemon juice (no peels!) and ice. Ideally, they’d rename them “sink disposals” or get rid of them altogether.

3. Kitchen waste is worse than human waste.

Surprisingly, dealing with your home's kitchen waste in Pembrook Pines, FL, especially grease, is often more unpleasant than handling bathroom waste. Decaying animal fat tops the list of gross substances plumbers encounter. Regular maintenance and drain cleaning can minimize the nastiness.

4. Plumbers risk their safety to fix your pipes.

Plumbing can be a dangerous profession. High-pressure water and air systems pose significant risks. Your home's burst pipes in Pembrook Pines, FL, can release immense pressure, similar to a fire hydrant, and chemicals, heavy equipment, and exposure to germs add to the hazards. Plumbers undergo safety training and take precautions to protect themselves.

5. Older is wiser when it comes to plumbing.

Experience is crucial in plumbing. When faced with a plumbing emergency, you want a seasoned professional. Dovis Plumbing boasts a team with extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring your plumbing issues are handled effectively.

6. Watching a YouTube video doesn’t make you a plumber.

DIY projects can be great, but some plumbing tasks should be left to professionals. Plumbers have seen customers injure themselves or worsen problems by attempting repairs after watching tutorials. The dangers of plumbing work mean it’s safer and often more cost-effective to hire a professional.

7. Plumbers can save you money later by doing the job now.

Regular maintenance, like your home's septic tank pumping in Pembrook Pines, FL, can prevent costly future repairs. Ignoring necessary upkeep can lead to expensive damage. Plumbers emphasize the importance of timely maintenance to avoid hefty repair bills.

8. A good plumber can save your marriage.

Plumbers have shared stories of urgent fixes that saved relationships and rescued DIYers from costly mistakes. Their quick and effective solutions can prevent significant stress and financial strain, making a good plumber an invaluable asset.

9. Now is a great time to become a plumber.

Plumbing may not seem glamorous, but it offers rewarding career opportunities. Unlike peers who may accumulate debt for a college degree, plumbers start earning and gaining experience immediately. At Dovis Plumbing, our team takes pride in providing exceptional service and making a difference in customers' lives.


The next time you turn on your home faucet and water flows smoothly in Pembrook Pines, FL, remember the plumbers who make it possible. Their expertise and dedication keep your plumbing system running efficiently. Follow the advice of our trained plumbing experts, and don’t hesitate to call Dovis Plumbing at 954-504-6628. Doing so can save you from costly repairs and potential injuries.

  • Top-notch customer service!

    “Top-notch customer service!”

    - Lisa P.
  • Best customer service I have found in Florida.

    “Floyd went above and beyond to help us with our leaking faucet!!! Best customer service I have found in Florida!! Great company!! Thank you Floyd”

    - Dawn B.
  • He fixed all my issues. I will use them again!

    “David gave me options to solve my problems. He also told me exactly how much it was going to cost in advance. Then, he fixed all my issues. I will use them again!”

    - Tom P.
  • Excellent job, he response quickly.

    “Excellent job, he response quickly. And good person. I really recommended.”

    - David M.
  • They communicate so you know just when they’re coming.

    “They communicate so you know just when they’re coming. They do good work and David the plumber was very helpful and nice guy I highly recommend them.”

    - Barbara W.

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